Thank you for your interest in becoming a leader on our team. If you don't know who we are, allow us to share a little bit about us. We are stay at home parents of 3 blessings who work our business together as a team.

We built a 7- figure income in the Network Marketing Profession in 2.5 years!

We are thrilled to have found a home with Monat. Within 6 months of joining, we became Founding members, within a year and a half were the FIRST Market Partners to hit the TOP RANK of the company in all of Canada, We are currently the #1 TOP EARNERS in Canada and as million dollar earners,  we are #8 in all of North America! We are Cadillac Motor Club earners, we were #2 in our Hawaii incentive trip, we are #7 in our Monat Elite Europe Incentive Trip, we have earned countless other incentive trips and received numerous awards such as Top Sponsoring and Queen of Leadership.

The incredible quality of Monat's products along with the values, integrity and commitment from our corporate team absolutely blew us away. We earned our success by growing our business through social media so we will be giving you the tools we used.

With hard work and commitment ANYTHING is possible!

We are looking for individuals who are ready to change their lives. To live a life to their full potential emotionally, physically and financially. To help you become everything God created you to be. We have put together the most ELITE team of leaders to help you grow in this business. The support you need, the friendships you will cherish and finally LIVING LIFE on YOUR terms is a possibility NOW.

We are here to serve you.

What do you say? Take the leap of faith with us and link arms to create the life you deserve and dream of.

It is possible. WE DID IT. 

We are the coaches and mentors you are looking for. As soon as you join you are added to our personal team page and you start your coaching through there and will also have access to Monat’s cutting edge training system in place!