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MONAT VIPs enjoy naturally based, amazing haircare products at 15% off, free shipping and a free product with all qualified Flexship orders and more! All for just $19.99 USD/$24.95 CAD and your commitment to a total of three qualifying Flexship orders.


Sign up as a VIP and enjoy FREE shipping on orders of $84 USD/$110 CAD or more.

Your Choice:
VIPs can order any of MONAT’s Systems or stand-alone products and change their order month after month. Plus, with Mix & Match, you essentially can create a System just for you! All orders are assessed a handling fee as follows:

Orders of $60 USD/$80 CAD or less—$1.00 USD/$1.50 CAD.

Orders of $60.01 USD/$80.01 CAD or more—$2.50 USD/$3.00 CAD.


When you enroll, you’ll place your first order of at least $84 USD/$110 CAD, which counts as a Qualifying Flexship Order.

Receive: Order conveniently and have your products delivered right to your door.


By joining as a VIP Customer, you must place an initial Flexship order of $84 USD/$110 CAD (a Qualifying Flexship Order) and two more Qualifying Flexship Orders after you enroll. You schedule your first Flexship during enrollment, which by default will ship approximately 30 days after you enroll. These two additional orders can be pushed out up to 60 days at a time, and there is no set deadline on when you must complete your three orders. If you do not push out your order, your order will be shipped and you will be billed.

Only For You: All of your Qualifying Flexship Orders include an exclusive Only For You product. These are not available for sale nor available any other way. Each has a retail value of $25 USD/$32 CAD.

Enjoy a Virtual VIP Suite to easily manage your account; 15% off Mix & Match ordering so you always receive the items you really want; and maximize 3 & Thank You Rewards that gives you credits each time you enroll three friends who remain as VIP customers.